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How We Price Our Services

At Eagle Eye Viewings, we make the project budgeting process easy by having a simplistic pricing method. This price model of image capture doesn't change at all in regards of what image media type, style, or format. Weather it's traditional digital ground media, aerial drone photography or videography, panoramic photos, 360 degree imaging, or 2D/3D mapping and modeling, the capture charge rate is the same. The larger the project site and/or the more footage requested, the more time will be charged for the image capturing. Editing and image processing for mapping is charged separately.

Editing services for photos and videos are priced in organized tiers pending on the complexity of the edit and the amount footage edited. Photos are priced per image, while video is priced per minute of footage edited. 

Photogrammetric image processing for orothomosaic 2D Mapping or topographical 3D mapping and modeling are a bit too complex to organized into pricing tiers like with photography and videography editing services. These factors include desired size, resolution, and amount of images processed, render time, and export format or type of medium requested. 

Specialized drone imaging services including thermal and/or multispectral are available. These services are charged at a separate rate as compared to general RGB imaging (red, green, blue) used by general visual cameras. This increased rate is due to the complexity of equipment involved. Drone thermal imaging can be used in various inspections of solar panels, heat loss of homes, potential leaks in roofs, HVAC systems of commercial buildings, and much more. Drone multispectral imaging is used to help monitor and manage plant life and crops, typically through processed 2D orothomosaic maps. Farmers and Foresters can observed real time data (usually within a week) involving their fields or wildlife areas to make quick impactful management decisions.

With our base of operations is located in Northwest Rochester Minnesota, any site location outside of Olmsted County and greater than 25 miles from our office will incur a traveling charge. This cost is calculated by the distance one way from our home office to the project location. The furthest range of traveling for our services is 100 miles.

Image Capturing (unedited)

$160 for first half hour of capturing, then $40 for each additional fifteen minutes on site; Residential projects start at the minimum thirty minute charge ($160), while commercial real estate or large rural properties will be charged a one hour minimum ($240).

Photo Editing

$10 - Touchup Photo Edit; Rate per image for touchups , corrections, or format conversions (cropping, white balance adjustment, tint correction, and brightness).

$20 - Basic Photo Edit; Rate per image for simple photo edits or adjustments (color grading, shading, simple text and graphics).

$30 - Deluxe Photo Edit; Rate per image for significant photo editing corrections (photo layering, exposure blending, image masking, and photo effects).

$40 - Premium Photo Edit; Rate per image for extensive photo editing corrections (object removal, background exchanges, and subject swapping).

Video Editing

$20 - Basic Video Edit; Per 30 seconds of video put cohesively together with background music. 

$40 - Deluxe Video Edit; Per 30 seconds of video with white balancing, exposure correction, general transitions, recorded audio/voiceovers, and simple text or logo effects. 

$80 - Premium Video Edit; Per 30 seconds of extensively edited video including color grading, elaborate transitions, complex text or logo visuals, and other complex effects.

. Video Hosting

$40 - MLS Compliant Hosting; Per video hosted under 10 minutes in length for one year without any ads, branding, backlinks, or other clickable site/video/playlist links.

2D/3D Map Processing

$200 Minimum; Due to the complexity of map and model processing as mentioned above, we have no organized pricing tiers. This is just a starting point to add to the image capturing process.

Specialized Imaging (Thermal & Multispectral)

$300 for a half hour of capturing, then $75 for each additional fifteen minutes on site; The capture rate of thermal and multispectral imaging has an increased cost due to the expense of equipment involved and the complexity of the imagery collected. Any maps processed from specialized imaging will incur the same $210 minimum charge pending on the size of the project as previously stated.

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